Conversion Rate Optimization for Bloggers and Marketer

Conversion rate optimization could be the method of optimizing your ads, landing pages, widgets, blog design and so forth to become more clicks on your ads and up contributes to your optin forms. The essence this process is earn more money concentrating on the same number of traffic without too much effort.

The following is a good example of how conversion rate works.

Site A has 1,000 unique visitors every day, also it promotes a proposal which pays $1 for every visitor by placing a banner on the right sidebar. As a result of banner is so good, each day, many experts have clicked 100 times. So site A carries a conversion rate of 10% and it also earn $100 each day.

Site B has 500 unique visitors a day plus it promotes the same offer with site A, utilize same banner like site A. Furthermore, site B has become optimized for making visitors observe the banner. In order that, every day, the banner in site B continues to be clicked by 200 times. Thus site B has a conversion rate of 40% and makes $200 daily.

In other words, by doing conversion rate optimization, the income from site B is 2 times bigger than site A, regardless of whether site A has more traffic!

That is why conversion rate is important for all style of bloggers and marketers.

It will help that you increase income without a lot of effort which puts in generating traffic.

The best way to increase conversion rate?

1. Do niche research deeply.

This can be the most important step, by doing keyword research deeply, you can imagine the thing that visitors are searhing for is. Then where visitors often take a look at. There after, you are able to put an eye-catching banners or optin from on this place. Boom, your conversion rate is sky rocket!

2. Design eye-catching banners or optin form

Carrying this out thing requires a sense or money to outsource if you sense. The goal of this procedure is be sure that the banner or optin form you spent secret place is outstanding.

But avoid that as well much, since it makes visitors distraction. They probably forget the content you wrote :D.

3. Make banner or optin form become special.

Just use your imagination. May be you possibly can make you choose sticky to ensure when visitor scrolls down, the banner and optin form follow them automatically then visitors be aware of it!

Allow me to share the tool which enables that you stick your banner on sidebar. It’s sticky profit builder. Go to read Sticky Profit Builder Review and you will check if they can fit you or not.

4. Write excellent content.

Yeah, that’s special thing of each writer. By write excellent content, your visitor will likely be desirous to select any link which you recommend! The reality is that content is essential for making excellent conversion rate.

In summary

By approve 4 things below, probably you possibly can increase your site’s conversion rate by thrice or maybe more. Don’t even think me? Do it yourself and you may view the results.


How I paid 1 cent for one targeted traffic from Facebook Ads

This is super trick can be apply to facebook ads. By doing this trick, you will probably make people look for your ads not your ads looks for people!

Let’s see it!

SEO Article Writing Tips – Two Important Features You Might Forget

Article writing is the easiest thing to get high ranking with SEO. In this post, I’m going to give you some basic points that can help you to write a high ranking article.

What is SEO Article?

Basically, writing a SEO article is writing an article :). It’s where you can share your opinion and the most important feature of article is readable. Of course, article is written for reading and SEO article does. If it cannot be read, how you can control the emotion of readers? So when you think about SEO article, you think about an article 🙂

seo article writing tips

Writing SEO article is writing an optimized article. You can see a lot of cases that the writers do not optimize theirs articles but it still rank highly! And when somebody rewrites these articles and do optimize, it ranks better. It shows you that you must to optimize your article in the right way 🙂

How to write an SEO Article?

As we discuss above, SEO article is an optimized article. So that, we have two things to do.

First, write an article that is useful and unique.

This is really important, because article is read by human. And if it does not make sense, how the readers can curious about the thing behind it? Even if it makes sense, it still need to be useful. Imagine that people read a non-useful article, what they should do next? Will they come back and read the article that is written by you?

Make it be useful

Second, optimize this useful article.

This is an SEO technique, the reason of optimizing an article is make sure that search engine understand the main idea of it.

How to do Article Writing in the Right Way?

There are a lot of things you need to do, but focus on the title and the content of your article.

  • The title is the first thing people see and your article should be read or not depends on how curious of your title. Just try to write an attractive title for your article :).
  • The content should focus on one primary keyword or key phrase. It means the whole article is discussing about this keyword or key phrase. You can do it by inserting main keyword in the important places, such as description, h tag (h2, h3…) and so on.Another important thing with your main keyword is make sure that you have the keyword density less than 2%. Because you do not want Google to see you as spam right!

You can learn more about these SEO Article Writing Tips at trafficblogtips 🙂

That’s done for SEO article :). By doing exactly 2 things above, you can have a super SEO Article in half an hour 🙂

Believe me, this SEO article was written in 25 minutes 😀

One more important thing about SEO article is you need to write more and more. The more you write, the more experience you get.

Enjoy the SEO Article writing tips 🙂